Do not think that 2017 will draw a negative line by the end of the year! But things look more promising for the upcoming year. Apple is prepared to provide for us three new iPhones plus AirPad earbuds in 2018, according to different sources.

Fortune: For the past week Apple made tiny but significant improvements

Apple Pay was reconsidered and some adjustments will make it more money maker through the Podcast app. The company also made some other additional developments for the platform.

How would iPhone’s three new devices look like

Rumors said that iPhones will turn out very exciting devices since Apple will include a new design and long battery life. One of the three new iPhones will have a more decent price. While the usage of cheaper materials for maintaining it accessible to more people, they will be using a metallic back and a n LCD technology. The other two will follow iPhone X’s steps introducing big screens made of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display technology offering more vivid colors and a glass back board.

AirPod wireless earbuds

After its tremendous success, it seems that there is going to be a new amount of AirPads available for the market. If in 2017 they expected to sell somewhere between 13 to 14 million units, for 2018 the amount will double its digits, by putting on sale ~26-28 million units. Apple didn’t precisely acknowledge how much they sold but, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported for Kgi Securities.

Tax reform package potential win

Economists said that Apple can save up to $47.3 billion in taxes if their impending tax reform package of overseas cash stockpile decays to $29.3 billion from $78.6 billion. It’s predicted that the Senate might lessen the corporate tax rate to 14.4% from 35% for overseas earnings.

HomeKit affected by hackers?

Hackers would have taken over the app if Apple hadn’t come with a fix for HomeKit. The bug affected Apple’s iOS 11.2. that might have affected the software of the Homekit app which allows users to control the door locks, light systems etc.

Pop Up Archive and iPhone X

Acquiring a new audio file organization startup, Apple will change the average podcast search, iPhone X announced its “unlocked” version for sale, available this week at $1,000 and $1,149 for 64GB of storage.

Apple Pay Cash

From now on, users who have iOS 11.2 on their iPhones, can send a set amount of money to friends or family through the iMessage service. This might disadvantage Venmo or Square Cash which you can download as a free individual app from the App Store but, the new iPhone incorporates it in its operating system and those apps can suffer a loss of clients now.

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