If you thought Google Maps had it all, then prepare to be surprised by a new feature that will guide you live and will deliver real-time notifications while you’re on a journey.

You will see these real-time updates not only in your Google Maps on your phone, but also on the Android lock screen.

For example, you can go and search directions to your next transit on Google Maps and the at the bottom of the screen you will see the ‘start’ button. This button will also tell you all the details about your journey and will update you with live information, no matter your means of transport – local buses, trains, and so on.

Remembers Your Stop and Tells You to Get Off the Vehicle!

A nifty feature will also notify you when you get close to your stop, so that you can get off the vehicle in time. The lock screen also receives them and the notifications are interactive, allowing you to navigate through all the steps you’ve taken so far.

So, Google Maps will not only provide you directions for your destination, it will also let you keep track of your route and its progression. You can use the transit notifications for a lot of things: walking, driving, biking and more!

And next time you will pass by a bus station, Google Maps will inform you of the next time a bus will depart from there and how much time is left until it departs.

At the moment, we believe Google is testing these features and will soon be available to the public.

This update might be small, but it surely is helpful when you have got other important stuff to think about. Commuters will be grateful for this feature if it turns out to be fast and accurate.

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