The Elder Scrolls VI will take some time to build, but we expect it to be better and bigger than the previous installments. Until now, The Elder Scrolls have become the definition to open world games, fantasy and a free-form gameplay.

Since Oblivion and Skyrim got out, gamers experienced massive environments with a lot more freedom, more content and details than what they saw in Morrowind.

Even though Elder Scrolls VI hasn’t been announced to be at least in development, a lot of gamers are waiting for it and are pitching in with ideas of what is should look like.

Here is a list with 10 features Bethesda should consider when they work on their next installment.

  1. Improve Combat

Looking at what the Witcher 3 and Dark Souls III offer in terms of combat, we would love to see a more natural combat system. Weapons could use more individuality, the combat could be more dynamic and have some more defensive abilities like dodge, block, and offensive ones – leap attack, power attack, normal attack and so on.

  1. A Better Companion System

Skyrim followers are a bit lifeless, unlike what we see in Fallout 4. The Fallout 4 companions have personality and help impact the game. They have backstories, likes or dislikes and really make you want build friendships with them.

The same thing should be integrated in the next Elder Scrolls installment. Having a certain follower should change the course of a player’s adventures.

  1. More Character Customization

Same as in Fallout 4, you should be able to get more creative with the way your character looks. We understand that this would be a lot more challenging with all the races we encounter in The Elder Scrolls series, but it’s something Bethesda should consider.

  1. Building a Base

Again, Fallout 4 had the recipe for making the game longer and it had more depth with the construction of your own base. In Skyrim, the Hearthfire DLC allowed you to buy yourself a homestead and manage it but the next game should let you build and grow you base with the help of missions – all helping in the creation of the main story.

  1. A Compelling World

A big open world doesn’t always mean that every inch of it is interesting. Here is where Bethesda needs to step up their game and find a new age for The Elder Scrolls VI. It would be awesome if we saw magic and technology in the game, to make it more different than what we’ve seen before. Imagine exploring Tamriel in the future!

  1. Light Co-Op Gameplay Elements

We’ve seen how many successes and failures The Elder Scrolls 2014 Online had but we still want to have some co-op elements in the next game. Losing all the MMORPG-style and only keeping the ability to undergo some cooperative missions in online mode would make the game interesting, while also allowing you to play in solo mode.

  1. Maximize Crafting Potential

In Skyrim the best weapons are the ones you improve in the smith, but the game offers it as an optional feature. The next one should make it an integral part of the mission. This will tie it to game progression and to missions and it will encourage players to use it more.

Crafting items should also be more varied and allow players to personalize their armors and weapons and create different gear.

  1. Improve the Magic System

We would like to see more spells. In Skyrim, spells didn’t feel that powerful. In the new game, investing time in developing powerful spells should be rewarding and make you feel that they are useful in a wide range of scenarios.

  1. A Wider Voice Cast

Skyrim doesn’t have a problem with the quality. What Bethesda should consider is quantity too. We’re expecting more voices for the future blockbuster installment – as we’ve already heard the same voice in the same mission, but with a different accent.

  1. We Want to Watch the World Burn

Some people really enjoy destroying walls or hacking trees and Skyrim doesn’t allow us to even set a wooden chest on fire, as it’s fireproof. So, Bethesda, let us blow off doors with our spells to no longer find the keys to that locked door!

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