WhatsApp is constantly seeking to provide its user with new features and the attention has been placed on group chats. The “Restricted group” feature will not allow administrators delete group creator and eliminate them from the group. Another thing is that administrators can chose the members allowed to modify the subject, icon and the description of the group.

More about the newest WhatsApp beta 2.17.430

Apart from the “Restricted Groups” feature, the instant messaging platform has a new Search function for administrators and it can be seen in the Group Info. The group administrators are also allowed to create restricted groups and to disable the cat features; meaning that the group members will not be able to send messages, files or media files. Administrator can send messages to a restricted group, but the limit of the restriction is only for 72 hours.

The “Restricted Group” feature has not yet been rolled out; it is still in testing period for beta users.

The update also brings bug fixes and other types of improvements.

A short history of WhatsApp

The Facebook-owned instant messaging app allows its users to make video and voice calls, send images and files, share location and other documents. The app also has a PC version, but it does not come with so many features.

WhatsApp was released for the first time in 2009 and Facebook acquired it in 2014.

There is also a business platform for companies and customers so as to help employees balance personal life with work. The app was created by former Yahoo employees Brian Acton and Jam Joum.

WhatsApp os the most popular free instant messaging app in countries such as Italy, Germany, Russia, Pakistan, India, U.K, Spain and Latin American countries.

Applications WhatsApp Version for Android Comes with the Restricted Group Feature