Back in the day, jailbreaking was a vital tool that was needed by most iOS users. However, thanks to Apple’s efforts jailbreak tools are almost impossible to use and their features are no longer considered crucial when it comes to iPhones.

Nevertheless, there are other Apple devices that are able to benefit from jailbreaking, and developers are working hard to make this possible. Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 5 users will be glad to hear that there is a jailbreaking tool tht works with tvOS version 10.0 to 10.1.

Liber TV

If you have the tvOS versions that are compatible you can go ahead and download LiberTV. Before you start make sure that the Apple TV is connected to your computer via an USB cord. Then search the LiberTV IBA online and download the file.

Go to Cydia Impactor and check whether the Apple TV is connected to the computer. Then press the Start button and type the Apple login details. Now the jailbreaking process is supposed to start.

Wait until the jailbreak is installed and then disconnect your TV from your computer. Look for the LiberTV icon on the HomeScreen, tap it and then select “Do It.”

Jailbreak a 3rd generation Apple TV

If you own an older model, and Apple TV 3, you should know that you can jailbreak your device as well. However, before you begin make sure that you have iOS 5.0.2 or earlier. Then go and download Snow3rd, connect the computer to the Apple TV 3 and then double tap the Snow3rd zip file in order to extract it.

Wait until the jailbreak process is completed and then make sure that you disconnect your Apple TV 3. Reconnect the TV again after you restart it.


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