The Sims was originally a PC game, but its popularity slowly determined its company to release The Sims 4 on Xbox One. However, this only happened 3 years after it was originally released. For many this would represent a disadvantage, while others are glad that they can buy all the DLC content at once. Nevertheless, let’s see how this game works on Xbox One.

Create a sim and find a job

The game works almost the same as the PC version, but many players have already complained that it is hard to read the text from a distance, a problem that did not exist on computers. Additionally, many dislike the fact that there are so many tutorials.

Creating a Sim is very simple and it comes with numerous customisation options that did not exist so far. You will be able to adjust everything, from the width of your legs to your cheek size. However, it may be a bit uncomfortable since it becomes hard to drag the body parts the right way.

A good thing is the fact that the console version has all the features of the original game so that you won’t miss any part of it.

Downloadable content

There are many downloadable content packs that are available to purchase. You should also know that three packs are already included in a $49 bundle.

The only full-scale pack that is available at launch is City Living and you can get it for $39.99. You can also choose to purchase Perfect Patio Stuff for $9.99, so that you can create the perfect yard, or you can decide to be classy and purchase Vintage Glamour Stuff which is also available for $9.99. Additionally, the Vampires pack is available and its price is $19.99

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