Fans all over the world are waiting for a new Grand Theft Auto game, even though the current one – Grand Theft Auto V is still blooming with modes and new content in online mode.

It’s been some years since Grand Theft Auto V has been released and now fans believe that Rockstar Games might have started their work on Grand Theft Auto VI.

As you all know, when it comes to leaks and rumors, especially when we’re talking about such a successful franchise, people cannot control their excitement. We’ve seen the fake resume news and all other rumors about settings, maps and characters, but when will Grand Theft Auto VI be announced?

The Release Date for Grand Theft Auto VI

According to The Inquisitr, if Rockstar is really working on this game, we should expect it no sooner than 2020. People initially believed that we would see it in 2018, because each GTA game had a 5-year gap in between releases.

A reason for which Rockstar is not releasing Grand Theft Auto VI next year would be that they’re releasing Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018 and it wouldn’t be appropriate. Moreover, GTA VI might have a lot of new aspects changed and added and this would require more time for development.

TAJ reports that GTA VI will have both augmented reality and virtual reality integrated into the game. So Rockstar doesn’t just need more time for developing these new features, but they also need a lot of cash to back it all up.

As we’re all waiting for at least a confirmation from Rockstar Games that they’ve started working on GTA VI, let’s check out some of the rumors about its contents.

We might see more styles of fighting, as GTA V doesn’t have much of that, there will probably be a female protagonist and some more hand to hand combat options.

Before getting an official announcement from Rockstar games, fans should take all these rumors with a grain of salt and temper their excitement.

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