Minecraft Pocket Edition Update

Minecraft Pocket Edition has two new updated versions for Android. This includes modes 0.17.0 and 0.18.0 for the Pocket Edition version The main task of one player is the construction of reality, and the other has a problem of survival in threat conditions from different mobs.

The mobile version has a gameplay that is controlled via a virtual joystick. You can swap the blocks by selecting them from the menu and put them in place where you want to install the unit. You can also break the block by holding your finger on it. You might not hear any musical accompaniment, but the sound of footsteps can be heard, including all the action.

New Features for Minecraft: Pocket Edition

New useful and interesting innovations have been included in the updated version of Minecraft. One of them is the emergence of the Third World or the 3rd mode. Basically, there will be several islands that are suspended in a vacuum in this mode. It has a dragon that serves as the host, beginning to attack the player as soon as he arrives. You might have a difficult time defeating the dragon. However, with proper use of equipment, supplies, and help of other players, you can get past this level successfully.

You can also meet the underwater fortress in the new type of block. In the underwater world, has a guard that is considered dangerous. You have to fight him whenever you meet him or better yet try to avoid him.

The latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition will be set in a new kind of environment. In fact, lots of little things not available in the previous versions would be included in this update.

The number of mobs, worlds, items, and opportunities can be as close as the one you can play on your computer. This is the new feature you can get from the Minecraft Pocket Edition on your Android mobile device.

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