If you’ve been wondering what’s the deal with this game on steam, then we’re here to tell you all about it. We’ve also added a guide on how to play the game, so watch out for spoilers.

What is Adventure Capitalist?

Adventure Capitalist is an idle game that will actually play itself. The player will invest money in different small business, starting from a lemonade stand. If the revenue is high, the player gets more money.

You can also reset your progress and you will receive a bonus, called angel bonus that will boost revenues that are generated from products for the next timeline.

The Complete Adventure Capitalist Guide

Early game Strategy

This will be suitable for when you get to 300 businesses that you have invested in.

Tip 1: You should reset your first progress when you hit a max of 100 angels, but you can also do it starting with 50 angels.

Tip 2: Make the second reset as soon as you make double the angels that you had at the first reset (for example if the first reset was at 50 angels, the second one should be at 100 angels).

Tip 3: When should you reset? Since the game is idle and does everything for you, you can go afk and come back whenever you can, so you should reset the game in the morning, to let about 3-4 hours for your businesses to go back on track.

Tip 4: The best business in which you can invest is the oil company. It will take longer, but as you’re done with establishing it, you’ll earn angels a lot faster.

Tip 5: Earn angels faster through this effective method

Get businesses to a high tier and then move to others. Upgrade your lemonade stand to 25. Take the newspaper to 25 and so on, while also getting payouts three times from each business before switching to the next one. So, you upgrade your lemonade stand at 25 and then buy the newspaper’s x 3 payouts and then purchase the first newspaper. Take the newspaper to 25 and then you have enough resources to get the car wash and so on, until you get to invest in what we mentioned before: the oil company.

After you reset it, you can do it the opposite way, getting one of each business and keeping them at 1, saving money for the oil company. Take the oil company to 25 and keep the other ones at 1, remembering to get the x 3 payouts. It is a slow method, but it will give you more cash.

Tip6: Once you get 100 angels, get a manager for the oil company to have 10% discount on buying other oil companies. Get your oil company to 50 after you have upgraded it to 25 and always remember to get the payouts before doing so, in order to reinvest!

And you will have to get all your businesses to 50 and then repeat all the processes and get them to 100 and the top 200.

Tip 7: When you get to 200, you should have 1500-5000 angels. If you have enough, you can get the Holy Moola Upgrade to get 1% more angels when you reset.

Mid Game Strategy

The mid game relies on the cash that you make through the oil company, but also the small businesses, as every dollar that you get is important.

Tip 9: You won’t be able to get to upgrade all your small businesses, as they will cost too much. Mid game is about investing in oil companies. Keep small businesses on low and go further with the oil companies.

Tip 10: Invest in big businesses to get the cash flowing.

Tip 11: After this stage, it’s up to you how you choose to continue. Basically, you’ll have to spend angels to overcome obstacles.

Late Game Strategy

There will be some shifts in position between several businesses: The Shrimp business will be better than the Doughnuts business. This places them on first and then second place, with Lemonade business going to the middle rank. Oil companies become the less profitable business – 3rd less profit.

Very Late Game Strategy

This is when all your businesses are upgraded, and you have purchased almost all of them. This time Doughnuts business rises to the top with Car Wash coming on the second place, third place is the bank and then follows the newspaper.

Tip 12: You should reset your angels when you get to the current mark, as you couldn’t get them to become double if you just wait.

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