We’ve seen users reporting this issue more and more. While there might be different reasons for this to happen, users have tried different methods, like deleting certain files or folder, with the problem being fixed for a short time and then returning.

Let’s see a few ways of fixing this crash issue once and for all for Fallout 4.

  1. Anti-Virus Issue

Some games have conflicts with your anti-virus. You either whitelist Steam or disable the antivirus when you launch the game. After that, run Steam as administrator and see if this solved your issue.

  1. Update Graphics Driver

Keep your graphic card up-to date, as Steam usually rolls out updates for its games. Some Nvidia driver updates will cause problems to Fallout 4 and make it crash. These updates are 358.91, 358.87 and 358.50. Try to get a stable version and downgrade your driver (if it is on one of those three updates) to version 355.98.

To check the Nvidia driver version, go to the Nvidia configuration panel and under the ‘Help’ menu, you’ll find ‘System Information’, where it will tell you the version of your Nvidia driver. If you don’t have the right driver version, go to the Nvidia official website and download it from ‘Drivers’ -> ‘All Nvidia Drivers’.

If you have an AMD driver, go on AMD support page and download the latest update.

  1. Change Some Settings

3.1. Check to see if the game resolution is the same as the desktop resolution.

3.2. Try running the game in ‘windowed’ or in ‘borderless window’ mode.

3.3. Try to run the game on ‘high performance’ in the power/battery settings.

3.4. Uncheck these two options: ‘Enable Intro Video’ and ‘Enable God rays’.

  1. Mouse Acceleration Fix

Some players found that this fix worked wonders.

4.1. Go to: C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\Fallout4

4.2. Search and open ‘Fallout4config’

4.3. Change the following: ‘iPresentinterval =1’ into ‘iPresentinterval =0’. Go to ‘Fallout4prefs’ and ‘bForceIgnoreSmoothness’ and do the same changes

4.4. Save changes and close the windows

Verify if your files are integral:

4.5. Restart you PC/Laptop and launch Steam

4.6. Go to Steam ‘Library’ and search for Fallout 4.

4.7. Go to its properties and select ‘Local Files’.

4.8. Click on ‘verify integrity of game cache’.

  1. Delete Files & Download Them Again

5.1. Open Steam client and go to ‘Library’

5.2. Search for Fallout 4, right click on it and choose ‘uninstall’

5.3. Choose ‘delete local content’ and press ‘yes’.

5.4. Close Steam client and delete all mods and files that remained after fallout 4 was uninstalled from Steam.

5.5. Restart your PC/laptop and reinstall Fallout 4 from the Steam client.

Technology Gaming Guide: Fallout 4 Crash Upon Launching – How to Fix It