Google announced in a blog post on 24 October that they will add a new feature in Gmail. This feature is called Gmail add-ons and it will allow third-party apps to be integrated.

These features have a couple of purposes, such as allowing users to have more possibilities in Gmail, more than ‘reply’/ ‘forward’. For example, users can do more tasks that require different apps, without having to leave the Gmail app, working from inside Gmail.

We have been aware of this feature since it was announced in March. Right now, this feature is available, and users can get the most of their Gmail on all devices. You only have to install them once, and then you can access the add-ons from all your devices.

If you want to access more add-ons, you must go to the Gmail settings and click on ‘Get add-ons’.

Increase Productivity and Get Things Done Easier with Gmail Add-Ons

There is a list with available add-ons that have been so far integrated with the Gmail app: Smartsheet, Asana, Dialpad, Trello, ProsperWorks, RingCentral, Hire, Intuit QuickBooks Streak, Wrike and we will also see DocuSign in the future.

For example, with QuickBooks you can create and send invoices in Gmail. Users will also be able to turn their e-mails in to-do list entries with the help of Asana, Trello and Wrike. You can directly link to services such as Dialpad and RingCentral.

Developers that want to add their add-ons on the Gmail list will only have to write the code for integrating their add-ons once. After doing so, they will have their add-ons working on Android and the web.

This is a great addition to enterprises, as it focuses on productivity, showing users that it can provide the same professional and secure service as Outlook does. Professionals will be able to complete more tasks within Gmail, without the need to exit when they want to create an invoice, upload a resume and so on.

For now Gmail hasn’t finished their work with Apple on bringing their add-ons to iPhones or iPads, and once they’re done, Apple users will be able to benefit from this feature too.

Applications Gmail Add-Ons are Increasing User Productivity by Integrating Third-Party Apps