Niantic has finally made an announcement about their Halloween event for this year. The Pokémon Go Halloween 2017 event begins on 20 October, at 12:00 PM PT and it will offer players double candy when they catch and hatch a Pokémon. The event will also introduce players to the 3rd generation of Pokémon from Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire.

Pokémon Ruby & Pokémon Sapphire

There are about 135 Pokémon from Ruby and Sapphire that were added in the Pokémon universe after the games got launched in 2002 in Japan. Unfortunately, the new generation 3 Pokémon will be available only for Halloween, so if you’re going for a walk or you are going to work or to school, be sure to find one of these new Pokémon and see what they look like.


This Pokémon is a ghost type, and is weak against dark Pokémon or other ghosts. It was a plush doll which was thrown away. Banette sticks into his body several pins that generate energy. He fights with the curses from that energy he gathers.


Another ghost, weak against other ghosts or dark Pokémon, Dusclops has a hollow body and it has similar properties as a black whole, absorbing anything inside his body with nothing ever coming back out from there.


Duskull is a ghost, and similar to Banette, he is weak against other dark Pokémon or ghosts. Duskull’s ability is to go through any wall, even though it’s very thick. He will also choose a target and will haunt the victim until dawn will come.


This Pokémon is a ghost and dark type, and is weak against fairies. He lived a quiet life inside caverns and is a feared Pokémon, as it is thought to steal people’s spirits. This would happen once people saw Sableye’s burning eyes in the dark caverns.


As you’ve already noticed, all these Pokémon – as well as Shuppet, are ghosts. This Pokémon is weak to dark/ghost Pokémon. His power is rather interesting, as he feeds with jealousy and vindictiveness. Whenever someone has such a strong feeling, Shuppet appears in a swarm and will stay under the eaves of that person’s house.

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