After the highly criticized feature for the iOS users on their Google Maps App, the developers decided to remove it. It’s about the option that showed how many calories users could burn if they were to walk on a route, instead of taking the bus or driving to the destination.

No More Mini Cupcakes in Google Maps

After the negative feedback from their users, Google decided to make this feature disappear. This option appeared almost a week ago and informed the users of the number of calories that could be burned in a distance that they chose to walk, as well as translating the calories into cupcakes. We think it was meant to be a funny little information, adding the cupcake detail in the matter, and explaining that a mini cupcake is 110 calories and you can burn 90 calories in one mile.

While it looked helpful and also welcomed people to walk instead of taking a cab for some short distances, it also annoyed a lot of people that couldn’t disable this feature.

There is also the issue that a lot of people are struggling with weight issues and this feature could also have negative effects on people that suffer from eating disorders, that have anorexia nervosa or other similar health problems.

A lot of users started complaining about this feature, being revolted that it couldn’t be turned off. We think this feature was well intended, but it should have had an ‘off’ button for those that don’t need that information.

Here are Some Calorie Tracker Apps You Can Try

Through all of those users, there have been some that enjoyed the calorie tracker in Google Maps. So, if you are one of those users, you can use another app, for example CityMapper that will tell you how many calories you burn by walking or riding a bike. You can also try MapMyFitness if you want a good route for walking or running.

Applications Google Maps Removed the Calorie Tracker After Negative Feedback