Huawei Mate 9 smartphone will receive the soon to come Android Oreo update, branded as EMUI 8.0. Huawei has also released a beta test for 250 users in Germany, for the international variant of the new model.

The official changelog for Huawei Mate 9 Android Oreo Beta

Some of the newest features added include: Bluetooth dual connectivity, better speed, improved safety, 3D Panoramas, 3D Dynamic Lock Screen Wallpapers, Floating navigation dock, App shortcuts,  smart notifications, notification coloring, smart tips, bettered false touch protection, app shortcuts, split-screen Facebook Messenger button, Linkedin integration and Gallery recycle bin.

More details of the improvements

The Bluetooth dual connectivity allows the device to connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time, for example a band and a car. In terms of speed, Huawei will start using al-based optimizations. These imply greater stability, fluidity and speed. This update will boot the device faster; it will allow the user to play video more fluidly and to load pictures faster.

The 3D panorama feature will be brought from the Chinese variant of Mate 9 and the 3D Dynamic Lock Screen Wallpapers will allow users to benefit from more lock screen wallpaper choices.

The new way to navigate on the Mate 9 device, the floating navigation dock, will allow users to perform swipe actions on a floating dock which triggers navigation actions.

The Split-screen Facebook Mesenger button adds a new button to enter the split-screen mode without the need to open up recents or to switch to that app.

Huawei also promised a bettered false touch protection so as to reject erroneous touch input from the user.

The PrivateSpace feature is also getting an update, users can now move files between MainSpace and PrivateSpace. The new speed feature is the Al-based optimization.

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