GTA V Online is constantly getting updates and fans are pleased with them, but many still hope for GTA VI to happen. There have been plenty of rumors and speculations suggesting that the game will appear sooner than expected, but so far nothing happened.

Why is GTA so popular?

The GTA franchise if one of the most popular in the world and people know about the game from friends and family even if they did not plaid it. GTA V was a huge success for Rockstar with over 21.3 billion copies sold for PS3 and 3 billion $ in revenue. The last GTA game released in 2013 (GTA V) is still popular and very much profitable.

Many speculate that the New York company is not interested in releasing a new GTA game because it is still making plenty of money with the GTA V. Also Rockstar studio has been focusing its attention to the release of Red Dead Redemption 2.

The game is popular due to its constant updates and the story is centered in heists involving missions and driving. Players can also explore the open world and engage in matches using the multiplayer version with up to 30 players.

Huge profits for Rockstar

GTA online has achieved over 500 million $ in downloadable content and this does not pressure the studio to hurry up and release GTA VI. GTA V is such a profitable system that it seems unlikely for the company to shift fans’ attention to a new game.

Rumor has it that GTA VI will contain every city from all the previous GTA games, including every previous protagonist from the GTA universe. This means a lot of work for Rockstar studio. Other also speculate that the first person shooter will improve.

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