Rockstar has revealed information about the new Halloween DLC content soon to be released. It seems that the popular game will get some major updates this fall, as Rockstar has announced a new Transform Race game mode to be released later this month.

Transform Race and Batmobile DLC are some of the new features

The new game DLC will mix vehicle and race types instantly while taking player from land to sea and then air races. The official statement released by New York city-based company included details of the instant mix of races and vehicles promised. Players will be able to experience a race starting from the streets and ending in the skies.

Apart from the Transform Races feature, the update brings a new vehicle similar to the Batmobie. Condemned is also included in the update. This mode makes the player a walking target and he can survive only if he passes down his death sentence to an adversary. Dogfifht is another mode which allows players to fulfill their fantasy as a fighter pilot. This includes new aerial vehicles such as the Hunter attack helicopter.

Rockstar releases a teaser

The company has also released a teaser with things fans can expect this year. Fans can expect the Halloween and Christmas DLC updates and new properties and vehicles.

GTA Online is on fire this year with many updates and new features added, including the new Weaponized Vehicles. Another expected update is the one connected with the Legendary Motorsport and the new properties via Maze Bank Foreclosures.

GTA V was first released four years ago and it was the best selling game for PS3 with 21.3 billion copies sold. The game popularity was rewarded with the VGX Award for Game of the Year.

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