There is a quest in Fallout 4 Nuka-World which will make you gather at least 20 Star Cores in order to get the mainframe repaired and the new Power Armor. How do you get all those Star Cores? It’s easy but it will take some time doing it. You must take out all the turrets and robots from the dungeons to get Star Cores. You will be rewarded with Galactic Robot Mods too.

Here is Where You Can Find the Star Cores in Fallout 4 Nuka-World

You’ll find one Star Core in Nuka-Town USA, Nuka-Town Market, on a table to the north that has a star on it. In Nuka-Town USA, go to Nuka-Cade and you’ll find a star core at their employee section.

Northeast of the Nuka-World junkyard, inside a barn is a star core.

There’s another star core in Dry Rock Gulch, south of Doc Phosphate’s Saloon, near a dead body.

You’ll find a star core in the World of Refreshment, at the Nuka-Cola Bottling Plant, in the Nuka-Cola Quantum area, near a body to your right.

Dungeons and Star Cores

Starlight Interstellar Theater

Starlight Interstellar Theater has 4 star cores in these locations: men’s bathroom has a crack in the wall with a body in it. Under it there’s a star core. Near the kitchen, out the back door is a star core. The third one is inside the theater, close to the console and the last one is in the control room.


Vault-Tec has six star cores and is also a bit dangerous to get through it. One star core is down the elevator behind a locked door. The second star core is in the Living room display and from there enter a sliding door that leads to the observatory room that has what you need. Get from the living room to the most radioactive one to get the fifth star core. The last star cores is a locked door near the nursery room that will get you to the central office and into a main observation center that has three star cores and a loot chest.


Nuka-Galaxy has seven star cores and is an easily manageable dungeon if you are a stealth character and you get to sneak and kill enemies without being noticed. One star core is near the Arcjet G-Force ride entrance. Outside you’ll find a small shed next to the ramp where you’ll find another star core. On the right side of the boarding area there’s a door that has a star core behind. You’ll find a room with planets in a behind the scenes location. Follow the stairs down to a room that leads to a corridor.

You’ll find a star core near a console. Along the rocky set is a hidden door that leads upstairs into the tracks. Go left and upstairs again to find another star core near a console. At the end of the ride there’s a star core and a key. Use that key for the beginning of the ride and open a side path with it to find some stairs leading to an office which has a star core inside. Next to that office there’s a control booth which contains the last star core from this dungeon.

RobCo Battlezone

RobCo Battlezone is a location which requires a lot of preparation regarding gear so don’t go there if you’re not prepared. After you get to the seating area turn left and unlock a door. Behind it you’ll find two star cores. On the shelves of a souvenir shop you’ll find another star core. Behind the arena there are some tunnels that will lead to a star core near a console. The final two star cores are in the arena.

Starport Nuka

Starport Nuka contains 5 star cores: one’s near a body near the Starport Nuka’s mainframe, another is upstairs in a locked display case. After you pass the gate at the Starport Nuka base look for a body and you’ll find the star core near the sheds. At the end of the ramp at Starport Nuka you’ll find on the right another star core and the last one is at the top floor accessible only after you’ve completed the quest ‘Power Play’.

Have fun and good luck finding them all!

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