Music makes the world go round and we all know that. Not matter what your interests are or what walk of life you’re from, there’s certainly music out there that’s fit for you and your passions. This is why music streaming services are so popular nowadays. One that wasn’t getting the attention it deserved is Google Play Music. I have a lot of music enthusiast friends who simply love Google Play Music, but it seemed to be reserved for a great fraction of the underground for some reason.

Google Play Music for Free

But that will no longer be the case soon, because Google will offer four months of free subscription to Google Play Music for their clients. And after these four amazing months will end, you can choose to continue your subscription to Google Play Music for just 10 dollars a month. Surely 10 dollars is not a small price for some people, but if you want unlimited access to whatever music floats your boat, then Google Play Music is surely the answer for you.

The great appeal of Google Play Music is that you can find almost anything on there. Whatever floats your boat musically has most likely made it on there by now, so rest assured, Google Play Music has all your bases covered. Google Play Music’s library is made up of more than 35 million songs and albums, so you just know you’re going to find what want there.

The Catch

When something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Thus, there is a small catch with this entire Google Play Music for free for four months shenanigan: it is limited geographically to the UK and USA. So if you live in either of these two countries, then hurry on over to Google Play Music and enjoy these four months of bliss.

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