Modern gaming is now represented by Microsoft’s latest console: Xbox One X. Microsoft is not going to be very pleased as their Xbox fan-base turns its attention to PCs.

PC gaming has evolved to a point where the best console cannot top a PC which has access to amazing GPU power at a better price. Plus a PC will have more purposes than being an exclusive gaming platform.

Xbox One X is not as Lucky as Xbox 360

Xbox 360 was a lucky launch, being available 1 year earlier than Sony’s new console at that time. But as Sony released their PS4, Microsoft began to lose ground. Statistics shows that PS4 sold twice as many consoles as Xbox One, winning the battle of consoles.

But as soon as Microsoft launches a better and more powerful console, a lot of PS4 users will turn their heads to the Xbox console. And that’s what they hope that with launching the most powerful console: the Xbox One X, users will do whatever they have to in order to get their hands on an Xbox One X.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, gamers lost interest in the expensive Xbox One X and joined the “PC master race”, where features such as Steam and the possibility of replacing the system with a new one throughout years piece by piece.

The best device for gaming is now the PC, where you can get cross platform games; enjoy amazing frame rates, graphics, mods, updates, by using either keyboard and mouse or controllers.

Eventually, the best gaming experience is not on an Xbox One X, it’s on PC.

Right now consoles have the upper hand in giving users game exclusivity and that’s about it. To our belief, there are few people who might have a PC and an Xbox One X at home.

Maybe Microsoft should add more exclusive games on their new console or at least somehow make it more attractive in order to surpass PCs upper hand.

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