Minecraft is a game that’s played by both kids and mature people. In other words, this is the perfect game that you would love to play with your kids. Even if the game is currently owned by Microsoft, the company has kept its promise and is still releasing new updates for consoles owned by rival companies such as Sony, Nintendo etc.

Today we will talk about a new Minecraft update that was released for Wii U and Nintendo Switch consoles. First of all, we have to mention that the Minecraft Wii U version was released in late 2015 while the Nintendo Switch version of the game was released in May 2017.

In case you own both consoles, we have some good news for you as a new update is allowing you to transfer Minecraft worlds that you’ve created in Wii U to the Minecraft: Nintendo Switch edition.

This has already been confirmed by Mojang and 4J Studios, saying that they’ve implemented this ability to take the data from the Wii U Edition and transfer it over the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

As expected, to initiate the transfer you will need to own both versions of the game and have the consoles connected to the internet. To transfer the Minecraft data from a console to another it is quite easy. Below, we will tell you all the steps that you will need to take in order to transfer the Minecraft world from your “old” Wii U console to the new “Nintendo Switch” console.

Transferring Minecraft Worlds From Wii U To Nintendo Switch

First of all, you will have to turn on your Wii U and Nintendo Switch consoles. Launch the Minecraft game on both consoles and keep them on. We suggest you to keep the Wii U connected to the TV and the Switch in handheld mode.

After launching the Minecraft game, press the “Play Game” button on the Wii U console. You will have to connect the Nintendo Network in order to transfer your worlds, so make sure that you are NOT playing offline.

Highlight the saved file that you want to transfer and access the “Save Options” by pressing “X”.  Now you will need to select “Transfer Save to Nintendo Switch” and confirm it by choosing “OK.”

The Nintendo Switch console will now accept the file transfer. Once you see that your Wii U is trying to send the save file, you will need to select “Play Game” on your Nintendo Switch console.

HINT: Keep in mind that the Nintendo Switch will also need to be connected to the Nintendo Network.

Once the game starts, access the “Load” tab and select “Transfer save from Wii U” by pressing the “Y” button. Confirm the save transfer by pressing the “OK” button and you will notice that the Nintendo Switch console will start downloading the save file from the Wii U console.

Once the download is complete, you will have to confirm by pressing “OK” on both consoles. Now that you have the saved world on your Nintendo Switch, launch the Minecraft game on this console, access the load tab and look for the saved file. After loading the saved file, you will be able to access the Minecraft world that you’ve created on your Wii U console on your new Nintendo Switch console.

Do you own Wii U and Nintendo Switch consoles? Are you happy about the new update that allows you to transfer Minecraft worlds from Wii U to Nintendo Switch?

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