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There is something amazing going on with Clash of Clans these days. In fact, the developers at Supercell have been busy, starting with the development of some features. Surely, the fans must have been excited with the new fifth anniversary goodies being added to the game to make it more entertaining. Earlier, they have taken out the Builder and replaced with the Wizard to do the job of building cannons, walls, and collecting stuff, among other duties.

The Builder Went Out To Build Something

This development has been part of the fifth year anniversary celebration of Clash of Clans in the mobile realm. People have become curious about the teasers that Supercell has prepared and released for the public to see. Others said that the Builder has left the entertainment world and came to New York City and built the 18-foot Tesla Tower and statue of P.E.K.K.A. which doubled as a phone charger. In fact, the Builder left a message for the people of New York City.

Additionally, on the fifth anniversary of Clash of Clans, the staff celebrated in Huntington State Beach by building water cannons and a statue of one of the characters known as the Giant. The 12-foot statue comes with 4 cannons that you would notice when walking along the beach. This would remain on the beach until the 3rd day of September.

According to a brand marketer at Supercell, the Builder has gotten tired of the structures that he built only to get destroyed during the war. The Builder’s goal was to travel worldwide to build something without turning into rubble. In fact, many statues and structures have popped up in key locations, such as London, Brooklyn, and Shanghai. The Builder has also made some globetrotting adventures on Facebook using the camera effect.

Brand marketer at Supercell Jessica Yuan told fans that this is the first time the character was removed and put into reality. Moreover, fans were able to interact with the Builder via social media. In fact photos of his travels were posted, which included a shot of him at the entrance sign of Los Angeles International Airport. This must be where he flew and got to Huntington.

The Builder Has Finally Returned To COC

Good news for fans though, the popular character from the addictive game was back before the month of August went to an end. This should bring about great news for those who were getting bored without the presence of the Builder.

After weeks of being absent from the action in Clash of Clans, the Builder has finally returned. In his stead, the village was kept alive as the Sorcerer and Witch did their stuff on that occasion. Others may have left the game temporarily in sentiment after the little guy went out, but it is also about time to go back and enjoy the game once more. If you have deleted or uninstalled the game temporarily from your smartphone or tablet, then all you have to do is to download it again from the Play Store.

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