Published by Electronic Arts, developed by Visceral Games the series Dead Space has hooked fans worldwide. Inside the 3rd person shooter fans can also see game covers or comics featured.

The developers are working right now on the next game in their series, Dead Space 4 and we found out a few rumors which might be helpful if you can’t wait for it to be launched.

Dead Space was first released in 2008, and the latest game, Dead Space 3 was released in 2013. It has been a lot of time since they released Dead Space 3. Since the developers haven’t announced anything on continuing or killing off the series, we think that Dead Space 4 is bound to be announced.

Insider Reports, Rumors and More

There’s been an insider’s report on the new Dead Space, and rumor has it that the developers are currently working on it and they will soon announce it. In order to make a great game, they have to focus on sharp graphics and a storyline if they don’t want to disappoint the public.

Other rumors speculate on a different storyline than the previous games, so gamers might get inside a new game environment, with a new line of Necromorphs.

In order to finish the game as fast as they can, the developers had to suspend work on a different game in order to focus on Dead Space 4.

Electronic Arts hasn’t announced anything official about the new edition of Dead Space, keeping everything a secret. The developers are taking their time to finish the final stage of the game and in order to render the best quality shooter experience; they are sure going to make their fans across the globe wait.

We trust Electronic Arts and Visceral Games have done their best and we all hope that the wait for Dead Space 4 is going to be worth.

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