Viber has been compared with other messaging and VoIP apps, but something makes the app stand out from the rest. This would be in terms of voice-over-Internet-protocol and security features. Here are reasons why Viber has become the most popular instant messaging app in the world.

VoIP Features

The advantage of using Viber is that it is not only possible to call other users connected to it, but also it allows calling users not connected with it. This feature is named Viber Out, which is a global VoIP feature with very low rates for its services.

Public Chats

Public chat is another great feature brought to you by Viber. In fact, it would come with accounts categorized by brands, news channels, celebs, and more in which fans are able to interact.

Easily Hides Chats

In the event of suspecting risky chats, it is so easy to get rid of it. Simply click on the Chat Info and choose Hide This Chat. This way, you can make sure that you are able to escape from prying contacts.


Just as you thought that Viber is boring as its counterparts in the industry, it can actually offer games that you and your contacts can play together. Not all instant messaging app has this feature, so you might want to check it out at some point.

Offers An Amazing Desktop Version

Aside from just offering texting services with its desktop app, Viber also surpasses expectations. Thus, it allows users to make calls towards other users of Viber. Moreover, it is possible to use the Viber Out feature in order to make calls on landlines and other contacts.

Keep Data Even When Changing SIM Number

In a recent development, Viber has added more features including one that would retain the data even as you use another contact number. It can be recalled that when you change the SIM number connected with your account in Viber means that you would also lose your chat history.

For heavy users, they would be concerned as they would have lots of conversation to lose. However, with the most recent update version, you can now back up your data, as you can take it wherever even as you change your numbers.

This is not only limited to conversation history, as it would include stickers, contacts, and public accounts. Just go to Settings > Account > Change Phone Number. You would be prompted if you are going to change just the number associated with the account or the device as well.

In this case, you will be required to enter your most recent number in which it would be verified after receiving a verification code. If in case you are going to change both the device and number, then you will be prompted to back up your data history to your Google Drive. This will be done before you enter the new details on the old phone.

Once you download and set up Viber on your new device, you would be asked if you are going to restore any data. You could use your backup Drive as your default location to retrieve your backup history.

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