You might be surprised one day when you stumble into problems when accessing your Google account, particularly when it comes to logging in. If you are experiencing this type of problem, you can get back to your account by following these easy steps.

  • Simply visit the account support page by getting to this link
  • Just follow the instructions given when you visit the page. Thus, you would be asked with some confirmatory questions regarding the account you are trying to access.
  • After following the instructions, reset your password by using a stronger password you haven’t used yet with this account.

There are many reasons why you can’t log-in to your Gmail account. Sometimes, it matters which browser you are using. In this case, you need to check if other websites can be accessed without any issues. At the same time, you need to determine the type of connection that you have. If you are unable to connect online, it is impossible to connect to Gmail.

Disabled accounts would cause you to encounter some log-in issues as well. This can happen if the owner of the account has not abided by the policies set by Google.  Such would include the Google Terms of Service, Conduct Policy, User Content, and other policies.

You can restore your account by doing the following steps.

  • Review the policies of Google – you can do this by reading the terms of service and the user content and conduct policy.
  • Submit a request to Google – if you think that you have not violated the terms and conditions set by Google, then you can fill out a form to reactivate the account. Simply type this link at the search bar:

Login issues of Gmail can be very disappointing, leading you to create another Gmail account. Thus, you might save yourself from all the trouble, if you know a thing or two about this topic.

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