Apple is one of the most famous and recognizable tech companies in the world, so it’s only to be expected that the new iPhone 8 will be a great device. The iPhone 8 is the upcoming edition of the Cupertino tech giant’s flagship line of smartphones which has been around for ten years now. Yes, the first iPhone ever launched all the way back in the year 2007, which means that the iPhone 8 will be the anniversary edition of the device. Now you understand why so many people expect such great things of it.

And, for the most part, the iPhone 8 (or possibly iPhone X or iPhone Anniversary Edition, but let’s hope not) doesn’t fail to deliver greatness. One of its most debated features is its facial recognition scan, which aims to replace the already aging fingerprint scanner that most smartphones have nowadays, even more affordable ones. It’s no secret that many see fingerprint scanners as being passé, and even retina scans have been toyed around with, but facial recognition seems to be, for the most part, quite athe revolutionary feature.

And yes, the iPhone 8 will have it, and we know this for sure thanks to a HomePod firmware leak. And HomePod didn’t stop there. After the initial leak confirming the mere existence of the feature came into the world, HomePod let us know that it might be used to confirm payments through Apple Pay. And now there is a new leak that tells us something even more exciting: the facial scanner might work even when the phone is laid flat.

So no matter how you hold your phone, it won’t have any trouble identifying your facial features and confirming that you are indeed the one holding it. Nice job Apple, what’s next?

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