The most awaited and anticipated sequel for the Sims franchise fans made them be and get really enthusiastic and delighted for the forthcoming release. With the previous success of the Sims 4 game, there is no doubt that the Sims 5 has gotten the attention of the players and fans and got to be the most awaited game. Regardless of that, if we were to look behind to the game’s history, the period between the game releases

Regardless of that, if we were to look behind to the game’s history, the period between the game releases was, for the most part, more than four or five years apart. Taking this into account, the earliest we are to expect the next game make its appearance on the stores’ shelves is 2019. Furthermore, there is no official confirmation or any information at all disclosed by the Electronic Arts, which emphasizes this theory.

The developers and creators of the Sims 5 have mentioned that the release for the Sims 5 strongly depends on the success of the Sims 4 game. Thus, if we were to take over the reviews for the Sims 4, there are plenty of negative ones. This should really raise the question whether we will be receiving another Sims 5 in 2019 or not.

Typically, the fans expect from the Sims 5 to be a better and improved version of its previous one, with the adding of some amazing and incredible features. Thus, it should be possible to bring and attract new players for this franchise.

So far, apart from knowing that the release of the Sims 5 is highly dependent on the success of the Sims 4, there is no official information of the game known from the Electronic Arts. Per se, the fans might anticipate the new game for nothing, since a lot of people were not pleased with how the Sims 4 ended up. Simultaneously, the developers might exhaust the energy and theirs as well for other interesting and different projects.

Even if this might be true, we could still hope to receive the announcement that they are working on the Sims 5, even though, so far, nothing has been disclosed. All there is left for us to do is waiting and keep an eye for all the new gossips and news that will come around.

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