Remember GTA’s Mount Chiliad special mission that was put together by modders? Well, it just got revived in the most interesting way possible, and it’s totally legitimate this time. The mission features an alien crash site, an alien egg and, well, aliens obviously. The mission was first spotted sometime last week but players were still unsure of how to trigger it legitimately. But it seems that the final answer is out.

Keep reading to find out how to trigger the alien mystery mission legitimately in GTA Online, but first, let’s have a look at how the mission is structured and what you need to do more exactly.

Steal Egg, Take It to Bunker

In the Mount Chiliad mystery alien mission, you first come across the crash site of an alien spacecraft. There are several dead scientists on the premises, as well as a mysterious alien egg. Naturally, you will steal the egg and attempt to take it to a bunker for safe keeping, but not before you fight off its alien guards that spawn when you pick it up. The mission sounds simple, yet fun and exciting. But how can you trigger it?

600 Supply Runs

The mission was introduced with GTAs Gunrunning update and players initially thought that 600 Gunrunning sales were necessary to trigger the secret alien wonderland. But that’s not true and thankfully all you need to do are 600 supply runs. That’s still a lot, but they are easier to do than sales so that’s a big plus.

Then you need to perform one final supply run before 11 p.m. (23:00) and 1 a.m. (01:00). And then the mission is triggered and you can have some fun fighting aliens and stealing their most prized possession.

Find out more in the video embedded below.


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