If you are using the Facebook social network, then you already know that there are many ads on this platform. Well, most of you were happy that at least you don’t have those annoying ads on the Facebook Messenger application, but this is about to change soon and not in a good way.

According to reports, Facebook is currently working on bringing ads to the Facebook Messenger. It seems that the ads will show up on the home screen of Messenger, where you are able to see the most recent chats. If this proves to be right, the good news is that you will not see any ads inside the chats, meaning that once you open a group chat or a private chat, these ads will not be showed in there.

However, the annoying part is that the ads will be quite big, meaning that the home screen of Messenger will be quite full of them. In other words, you will see a chat window followed by an ad and after that the other chat window. It is not sure if there will be ads that will “separate” each chat window, but we surely hope that Facebook will not abuse that much.

According to Facebook, the Messenger users worldwide will probably see the ads sometime within the next few weeks. However, the company claims that the full rollout will probably take until the end of 2017, so there will be some lucky users who will start seeing these ads a bit later.

We have to mention that this feature has begun back in January 2017, but only in Thailand and Australia. We all know that there are many users who don’t really like these abusive ads, which means that some of them will probably switch to another messaging application once ads are added to the Facebook Messenger.

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