Considered by critics as one of the most important features, the picture-in-picture option for Android O represents a premiere for phones and tablets. The feature has been so far available for Android TV ever since Nougat.

Applications that work with picture-in-picture support

So far, some of the applications that have added support for the picture-in-picture feature are VLC, Duo, Play Movies and maybe in the future Chrome.

The VLC app allows you to improve your RTL support, you can save repeat mode in audio and you have all the information available for albums, artists or playlists. Also, VLC for Android updates with translations and fixes crashed using the SQLite rollbacks.

You can go full-screen on videos using Chrome and the recent button by tapping it twice. Consumers are excited and have responded to this news with positive comments.

Duo v11 is an app which allows you to video chat using your smartphone and it was developed by Google.

Google Play Movies & TV is another updated app and it guarantees each file you download is safe to use and it was not infected with any kind of bugs and viruses.

Other features of Android O

The first preview of the alpha quality developer, Android O, was on the 21st of March, 2017. This preview worked on Pixel and Nexus smartphones (Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel C etc.).

The second was on the 17th of May and the third on the 8th of June.

Users can use the snooze button for notifications and it is easier than ever to customize your alarms, ringtones and notification sound. New emojis are included in the Unicode 10 and the platform used will allow the optimization of mobile data usage.

All in all the new Android O has received positive reviews so far.

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