Whether you are a Nintendo fan or not, you have to admit that it’s good at two things. One of them is the fact that their product, Switch, is an astounding hybrid between a home console and a portable one. It’s quite responsive to playing and it goes easy on your eyes. It doesn’t really need any introduction. Second of all, their newest system enjoys a great stream of quality video games, which is something you didn’t get much of with the Nintendo Wii U.

A Large Array to Choose From

In this context, Charlie Scibetta, who is the corporate communication director for the American Nintendo, declares for GamesBeat that both Pokemon and Metroid might be arriving for the Nintendo Switch sooner than we imagined, in 2018.

According to his statement, Nintendo is trying to avoid the dry spell that appears between the releases of new games. As such, they are trying to bring as many new games as they can to the Switch. Their goal is to make the waiting times shorter for the fans, which is why they juggle with first- and third-party productions.

2018 – the Year of Switch

From what it seems, 2018 is truly going to be the year of the Switch. We’re going to take advantage of the Metroid, Yoshi, Kirby, as well as a new Pokemon game. However, you shouldn’t hold your breath on the Metroid 4, since it was only just announced and probably it’s going to take a while until the official launch. Moreover, it’s the first game in the series in a long while.

All in all, it seems that Switch is the next hype in the gaming world, and more and more people are curious to test it out.

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