Pokémon Go’s greatest feature update with a wide-ranging rebuilt of gyms and previews of how Legendary Pokémon that will be highly brought in the game, has been revealed by Niantic yesterday morning. The announcement came hours before the gyms have been confined for a short period of time and then get reactivated. The exact moment this will happen isn’t known yet.

As soon as the gyms are working again, here what is supposed to happen:

  • Pokémon gyms will have from now on six exclusive (no two slots for the same Pokémon) and the enemy trainers will fight in the order they were selected
  • Pokémon will have their “motivation” drop after a while to be easier to defeat, as shown by the heart’s decrease. For the Pokémon to boost back their motivation, the players can feed them
  • If you wanted before to spun your gym just like PokeStops for items, some of them really rare, now that it is totally possible
  • From now on, the gyms will award the players with badges that increase their level and will be given gifts and items
  • Your Pokémon will accumulate as many coins as you spend your time in the gym, receiving them once the Pokémon are either unmotivated or defeated and come back to you

So far, this is what is going to apply immediately, but Niantic still has few more surprises up their sleeve and has previewed “Raids” that have a certain connection with the gyms and are said to be tied to Legendary spawns.

What is a Raid and what the rules are?

  • Raids are measured events that allow extremely powerful Pokémon to take over the gym (for a limited time only). We were shown in the preview materials as example, Tyranitar with 25000+ CP
  • To be able to take part in a raid, you need to have a raid pass that you can acquire from spinning a gym but you can have only one at a time
  • Players from all teams can perform together to knock down these Pokémon (20 players maximum) and have the opportunity to gain new items and to catch these Pokémon
  • The earned items are said to be Golden Razz Berries, Rare Candy and even TMs. The Golden Razz Berries increase the chance to catch a wild Pokémon that can be fed at the gym. Rare Candy transforms into a specifically type of Pokémon’s candy when used on the said Pokémon. TMs could be used for randomized charged or fast moves
  • Users can create private groups to receive these Pokémon as a result of a new in-game code system that permits the users to connect with your friends

Once again, Legendary Pokémon are not brought up in this part of the update but it is quite hard not to consider that this is not the way they will be introduced into the game. They could pass by as raid boss Pokémon in the gyms that would let everyone have the opportunity to stick together and hunt them all over the world. These may also raise a chance to actually meet people out in the world and work together for a common goal, something that was impossible one year ago.

This is indeed a huge update and some parts of it are really thrilling. The thought of actual rides instead of only few changes for the gyms had the players all riled up, but one thing still disappoints them, the mention of the “Legendary spawns”. Maybe they just want to surprise the players so well that they’re keeping these out of the media. Who knows? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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