The famous game Clash of Clans (CoC) was all about strategies and constructions; a popular game available on platforms such as Android and iOS. Its developer, Supercell, a finish company with its headquarters based in Helsinki, has released similar strategic games, the newest one taking players to a “Builder Base” across the sea. This is the closest to a sequel of CoC as players can get. This game allows both old and new players to start at the same level, with a mechanism offering more features than the old CoC released in 2012.

According to passionate gamers, the new game brings features which are much more likeable than the ones in CoC. For example there is much more emphasis put on the battles and winning them, rather than just doing endless collecting raids. This feature allows players to plan their strategies and start taking basis apart. Gamers can plan these attacks by using the new wall system and new traps available, which help you find new alternatives to capture enemies.

The new head-to-head system stops anybody from getting a reward until the attack is carried out perfectly. Players’ creativity is not used much at the beginning during attacks or defensive raids. Game connoisseurs have associated this system with the one present in Clash Royale. However, the later is more focused on individual battles.

This sub-game cannot offer players the pleasure of single facts. You have to carry out attacks and defend you base with the limited amount of troop members you have at your disposal. Therefore, one might argue that many attacks are unnecessary and moreover you do not loose trophies if you suffer defeats.

In conclusion, the “Builder Base” update on the Clash of Clans game brings new updates to the table; however there are still several improvements to be made.

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