If you’re reading this article, then you’re probably one of the million people who have already played Minecraft and are further interested in its development. In fact, it’s so common that it’s almost useless to ask people if they know about it or if they’ve played it. It was initially available for free on all the platforms, starting with the PCs and all the way to some low-end smartphones, not to mention the recently announced Xbox One X that made all fans go crazy. It took quite a while, but eventually Microsoft brought it to their own mobile OS as well, keeping their hopes up for some profit.

A True Craze

The game has become a true craze recently, with hardcore fans buying it more than 100 million times. The entire success made Microsoft decide to buy the game for $2.5 billion. When gamers are not playing the game itself, they are looking up on the Internet lots of tips and tricks, watching YouTube videos about it, buying Minecraft items and so on, so there is an entire industry revolving around it.

A Game Based on Simplicity

The entire key of the game is simplicity. There are some simple rules and the game world is limited to blocky objects. This allowed for more freedom in what concerns the number of devices that were and are compatible with the game. Exactly for this reason many people believe that there is no need for a 4K graphics update for Minecraft.

Naturally, the team wants to take advantage of the evolving technology that focuses more and more on 4K gaming. But at the same time, the one thing that attracts players worldwide is the basic look and feel of the game, which makes it accessible for more and more people.

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