Today, Microsoft released some security updates that address almost 100 issues that appeared on various Windows operating systems, as well as on other related software. One of the bugs was really serious, so Microsoft had to issue patches for it starting with Windows XP, plus some other OS which the tech giant doesn’t even support anymore, so you can imagine the amplitude of the problem. On the other hand, Adobe has been pushing some critical updates for Flash and Shockwave.

Serious Security Issues

The security firm Qualys revealed that 27 out of 94 security issues Microsoft detected and issued patches for were opportunities that could be exploited from a malicious person remotely. The hacker could then gain complete control over the entire vulnerable system, with the user having little or no interaction whatsoever.

The base browsers you can find in Windows, namely Edge and Internet Explorer, also receive some updates. They also encountered some critical bugs that could be exploited remotely, so it’s a good thing they released all the patches.

Adobe Updates

On the other hand, we have Adobe, who is also taking care of their programs’ security. They took care this time of the Shockwave Player and the Flash Player. However, you should take into account the fact that there are very few websites left that require you to use Shockwave. There is an entire history with Adobe patching the built-in version of Shockwave various times in a row, before actually taking care of the Flash plugin itself. As such, the program is quite at risk and has been like that for lots of years.

The same thing goes for the Adobe Flash Player too, which is not that useful anymore. There are other solutions to avoid using it, so you should maybe consider this.

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