Currently, Clash of Clans is enjoying the longest streak, being at the top of the US grossing charts for iOS since February 2016, when they released a major update for the game. But as if that wasn’t enough, Supercell has recently added a free update in May 2017. Along with it we got the chance to enjoy a new island called the Builder Base. Moreover, players can also enjoy some new units, buildings, abilities and 1v1 PvP battles.

Naturally, the grossing effects were immediate. On May 22nd, the game reached number one in the tops and it persisted there until May 26th. Then it dropped on the second place and kept being there until May 29th, when, surprise, it came back to the first place.

Still a Winner

Currently, Clash of Clans represents now the top grossing app for the iPhone charts in the US. This has been happening for nine days in a row already and it is the longest streak it had at the top ever since February 2016.

Even though it hasn’t been on the first place since more than a month, the popular Clash of Clans is still a winner. It managed to fall off the top 10 grossing apps only once in the last year, which is an amazing performance.

Financial Results

Obviously, the success is reflected when it comes to financial results too. The overall revenues are incredibly large as well. In fact, the game reached the third highest revenue for mobile games back in April this year. In March, it was the fifth highest. No wonder the results are so good, since millions of people worldwide are playing it.

Some say that its success is due to the gameplay, while others appreciate more the graphics and the general idea behind the game.

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