People didn’t even finish talking about the recently launched iPhone 7 and rumors have already started to appear in what concerns the following model, supposedly named iPhone 8. Ming-Chi Kuo, the already famous industry analyst who works at KGI Securities, says that he think Apple will choose to use curved glass both on the back and front of their next model.

At the same time, the public has been requesting for a long time both matte and glossy finishes for the black color option in iPhone 7, and rumor has it that Apple might listen to their fans when the iPhone 8 will be ready.

The company could also use a switch for the curved OLED display under the 2.5 glass layer, which would be quite a novelty. Moreover, they could make an unblemished and smooth exterior by sculpting the glass, while also using stainless steel to offer a premium segment in the device range. One rumor that would be really useful if it became true is removing a big part of the unused bezel space found on the front of the smartphone.

Removing the headphone jack along with the release of the iPhone 7 might be the first step towards reducing even more from the external ports, thing that might be reflected in the structure of the iPhone 8. Some say that the company might go for a virtual button instead of a physical Home button, which would reduce the space on the front of the device. This will also make some space (literally) to the “edge to edge” screen that other rumors in past said the company is pursuing.

All in all, this rush to find out more about the upcoming phone shows that people nowadays are not that interested in enjoying the current version anymore, but they are simply caught in a rush for bigger, better, stronger products.

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