As the Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Plus has hit the market, there are so many features that the phone has come up with along with the front flash. If you have an iPhone 6S Plus or iPhone 6S, then you must have tested that the screen gets flashed when you open the flash and then takes a picture. The flash is a precise function and your pictures come out very right and bright.

Certainly, if you are the user of iPhone 6S or 6S plus, then you do not need to worry as you have this option already available. Unless, you are using an older model, then you need to perform some other tricks like jailbreaking with the tricks of third party applications and enable your phone to take pictures with the front camera flash, just like it is possible in iPhone 6S.

Get Retina Flash without any jailbreak app

If you do not want to take any help from the jailbreak application, then you need to download this app called Take Selfies Free with whom you can take pictures using the FaceTime camera. But, when you are using this app, then you must make sure that while taking the picture, you are allowing a greater amount of light that is present around. You might not get the 100% result, but if you want to take pictures in dark or low light conditions, then this app will work out for you.

Get Retina Flash for the user of jailbreak tweaks

For years, FrontFlash have been replicating the hardware flash to make your iPhone’s screen lighting up brightly. With that jailbreak available at Cydia, you will be able to take work of flash on your front screen. With this trick, you can enable the screen’s brightness to the greater number and when you take a picture, you will see the results same like as of flash. Of course, you will not get the same exact results just like iPhone 6S has, but this tweak is way better than having nothing at all. This jailbreak is not anything new, but it has recently been updated to the iOS 9.

This app is the finest jailbreak to have in your iOS’s Camera app and for the unsupported devices; this is the nearest thing available. FrontFlash is present at the Cydia for free.

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