Netflix Is Making Big Changes.

Netflix will soon be rolling out a massive change to its streaming services to ensure that the users get much better-looking streams.

Other than ensuring their users get better streams, Netflix’s new update will also reduce your data usage by up to 20%, which is a massive saving for anyone who depends on mobile data for streaming purposes. The company said that it only needs to make a small tweak in the way content encoding takes place, a process that has been underway since 2011.

The team at Netflix has been working hard on how to restructure its video algorithm and revamp the current encoding technology, but it seems the answer is finally here. At the moment, the algorithm selects a given bitrate for all titles being streamed based on the connection available; however, the new tweak will mean that the company will now run an analysis on an individual title in order to find out more about the type of encoding it needs, basically depending on its complexity and not necessarily the internet connection available.

What the company is trying to say is that you won’t notice any difference when streaming unchanging animation or maybe landscape scenes that need less bits and involved action scenes that basically need more bits. The experience is all the same while at the same time, the company will be using less bandwidth.

In short, encoding each title on its own will ensure that the best content is availed to users based on the internet speed available. Before this tweak, streaming with Netflix in poor internet connections would mean that an animation movie will play in the same quality as something else complex; that is say, streaming at 1080p. But now that there is a new tweak, the new encoding approach will allow streaming of less visually complex animations at higher resolutions and for the same bitrate.

In the case of a complex TV show, the streaming quality will still remain the same even when in low-bandwidth. However, when the condition is much faster with respect to the internet, the quality will definitely improve since the encoding will be at a higher bitrate that what it currently manages.

Netflix will implement this change starting early 2016.

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