Enhancing the functioning of your iOS is what that every Apple user wants and all such people are aware with the name of Auxo multitasking trick. If you are interested in jailbreaking your iOS and increase its features, then you must know Auxo works. When iOS 8 was in greater success, the Auxo jailbreak came into view. As we all know that we are ahead of two iOS 9 updates too and certainly, we need a new version of Auxo 3 for the Operating System 9.

Of course, when the new version of iOS appeared, then advanced version of Auxo 3 was required too and it was present at Cydia as well. having a new version does not mean that it has some brand new novel features as well because this version of Auxo 3 has nothing new. As we saw earlier that the versions of Auxo 2 for iOS 7 and Auxo 3 for iOS 8 had something distinctive in it, with the new version of iOS 9, you find nothing new except that it is supporting with the new iOS and works smoothly on your device.

As the developers have solved a sort of task for us, but you also get to know that this new version of Auxo 3 for iOS 9 is not available for free. You have to pay some money to put your hands on it. The developers have given a reasonable reason for it that it was not really easy to make the Auxo 3 to work with the iOS 9 compatibly. It seems OK to us so you must not nag about it too.

If you have never used this multitasking tweak on your device, then you need to know that it is the finest tweak with classy multitasking aspects that you can see on Cydia. There are three options available on this tweak such as easy gesture option to jump from one application to the other, added feature for the Control Center, and for the quick navigation, there are corner signs for switching applications like lock and Home screens.

If you are already using Auxo 3 for iOS 8, then you will be able to purchase Auxo 3 for iOS 9 for $0.99 only. Whereas, if you have an Auxo 2, then you can get it for $1.99 means you will not have to pay all $2.99 together.

Auxo 3 is available to download from Cydia’s BigBoss now.

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