Bethesda has finally released the patch 1.2 for the Fallout 4. In concordance with Nexus Mods, the new patch came with a new launcher which breaks the mod support.

However, the user Gameaholic from Nexus Mods forums has posted a solution about how you can fix this issue. First of all, you will need the Nexus Mod Manager. Once you install this application on your computer, you will need to open it and enable the mods.

Now, open the Fallout 4 launcher, but don’t hit the Play button yet. Make sure that you re-enable the mods via the Nexus Mod Manager, which were disabled once you’ve started the launcher. Finally, hit the Play button and you will notice that the mods are now enabled and you can play without any problems.

It’s not sure yet if Bethesda intentionally removed the mod support because the developers supported the mods and the modding community in the past. There are rumors which say that Bethesda did this intentionally to make the players wait for an official mod. Other rumors say that this is a bug and it will be fixed by Bethesda soon enough.

The new Fallout 4 patch version 1.2 also brings two new features and other tweaks:

– The number pad keys can now be used for remapping;
– The Remapping Activate now works on Quick Container;
– A bug that was causing the player to get stuck in terminal has been fixed;
– A bug that made equipped weapons to become locked after completing Reunions has been fixed;
– A bug that was causing the game to crash when jumping into water has been fixed.

Bethesda didn’t confirm yet if it intentionally removed the mod support or that if this is just a bug that will be fixed on the next patch. However, we’re sure that the developer will come with an official announcement about this in the upcoming days.

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