Users of giant American wireless carrier AT&T should start bracing themselves for an increment that will affect old unlimited data plans come next year February.

According to reports coming from 9to5Mac, the company will raise its current rates by $5, bringing the pricing to $35. So, if you are still dependent on the unlimited data plans that came back in the early days of the iPhone, when the iPhone 3G era was still fresh, be warned that this pricing will be changing for the first time in seven years.

It is unbelievable that AT&T has been able to maintain such low rates for its unlimited data plan, but now that there is a new plan that shifts the charges from $30 to $35, the carrier might start experiencing some shake ups in its customer base once this change is effected. The total fee of $35 will include the costs for texts and talk time.

If you survived all through the many changes that AT&T has implemented across years, hanging on to this grandfathered unlimited data plan, you are finally going to reap some huge benefits. This is true because the company recently revealed that it will be throttling those customers using unlimited plans only after they exceed the usage of 22GB of data in a month.

In the past, this higher limit was a bit lower, something that largely demeaned the idea of having an “unlimited” data plan on AT&T. In addition, this position put the wireless carrier at odds with the FCC.

There is a way out for the unsatisfied users

Well, obviously not everyone will be pleased with the changes AT&T will be making on its data plans. If you are one of the pissed ones, there is a way out for you. The carrier has confirmed that customers will be able to terminate their contracts without being charged any fee for early termination of the plans, but this will only be possible within the first 60 days following the price increment.

It is not just AT&T that is announcing shifts in its pricing for unlimited data, talk time and texting plans. Just recently, Verizon made a change of their own, raising the fee levied on unlimited monthly data plans by up to $20 per line.

On the other hand, T-Mobile also raised its charges for unlimited data plans for all fresh customers as well as revealed its Un-carrier X offer, but this change involves a jump of $15, which makes the AT&T shift the most generous of the three.

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