While there are some, who at times feel Google is somehow creepy in the way it does things they will also be quick to agree that this company is smart enough to design means by which it justifies its existence with a number of useful services and features.  

Ever since it first came into being, Google has been working hard to better the services it offers to the millions of people who love it. The best thing about this company is that it offers a huge percentage of its products and services for free. This is something that has largely contributed to the massive numbers behind the services offered by Google.

Google search receives an intelligent feature

Just recently, the tech giant unveiled a new feature that is meant to improve the search experience of Google search users. Users are now able to know whether their favorite stores or any store they are about to visit is crowded. In addition, the latest intelligent addition to Google search also lets the users know the exact time when any of the stores they plan to visit will be crowded or not. The application can even offer more than just checking the population in a shopping store; further, it can also be used to break down the popularity of these places based on the different days of the week the store is opened.

Well, you might be asking yourself: how does Google know all these details about an individual store? Honestly, we don’t have a solid answer to this question. However, it is true to say that this is an amazing addition from Google and it will prove to be a very useful feature once people get to know of its existence.

No more queuing in stores

The latest Google feature will help in cutting down on the congestions that are usually witnessed in major stores as one can know the time when the stores are extremely busy and avoid visiting it during such a time. All that the users need to do is key-in the name of the store they wish to visit and when they tap on the title from the search results, one will be able to see how busy the store will get throughout the day.

There are cafes and stores that are usually not so busy during weekdays, but activity starts building up towards the end of the week. Such information can now be found on Google search. How Google does this is yet to be known, but there is no doubt that this is a great addition for the Google search community.

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