There have been many releases of Halo since it’s original release in the early 2000’s when the game was made available for PC users. Microsoft’s first person shooter has kicked up a storm. The result we see today is a loyal fanbase, and a video game that has survived for almost a decade. Not only has it contributed to the success of the Xbox, the fast-paced (and to some degree, tactical) shooter has captivated fans from around the world.

The concept behind Halo is story driven. In a futuristic world, humanity (Spartans) wages war against alien species that threaten their existence. The key behind each victory lies in the efforts of the protagonist, known as the Master Chief, a masked and genetically superior armored suit of destruction. Up to Halo 4, we are able to play as the Master Chief and progress through the missions designed to advance a suspenseful storyline.

This time around, Microsoft has announced that we will be taking on the role of an alternate guardian whose role is to locate the missing Master Chief in Halo 5. The story becomes increasingly more complex with each instalment, so it’s not surprising to see the writers change things up over the course of time.

The Halo 5 Limited edition bundles a lot of features that can be used to show support for the series. Aside from a Warzone REQ Bundle, and the Halo: Fall of Reach animated series, collectors will also enjoy a limited edition packaging as well as a Metal Earth Guardian model.

Requisition cards, or REQ cards are an enhancement exclusive to Halo 5’s Warzones, a mode where up to 24 people can play with each other in all-out-warfare. REQ cards can be either cosmetic, or non cosmetic. Players will receive REQ cards that they can activate within the Warzone game, although non-cosmetic cards are a one time use. This ensures that players who spend time on the game are rewarded with extra perks that could help them in future battles, or at least make them look cooler. Cosmetic items will be applied to normal multiplayer. You can purchase these cards, so it’s a micro-transaction based market. Microsoft has ensured that these cards won’t affect fair play, since non-cosmetic items can only be used in Warzone.

Additionally, here are some features that will be new to the series in this upcoming game.

Infinite sprint

At the cost of your shields regenerating, you will be able to sprint for an infinite amount of time. This increases the ability to move from one place to another quickly, and is ideal for modes like warzone.


If you’re sick of missing your jump by only an inch or two and falling to your death, then use the new game mechanic of clambering, which allows you to hoist yourself up onto ledges that you didn’t reach. Holding down the jump button near the ledge will allow people to activate this skill.

Thruster packs

Thruster packs allow for a quick dash in a particular direction whether in the air or in the ground. This helps avoid gunfire and evade incoming danger. There’s only a brief recharge time between uses, so it’s designed to be used a lot.

Smart scopes

Even though Halo has always been about the hip-fire bursts, the developers have revamped the scoping system to make zooming-in a lot more accurate. Even energy swords have iron sights that can help you prepare for a lunge. The catch here is that you will have to de-scope. Unlike other games, this mechanic can punish players who aren’t quick enough with their controls.

Halo 5 will be released Fall 2015.

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