Bethesda announced at E3 recently that Fallout 4 was at the point of nearing completion. The due date of November 10 is looking like it will be met with anticipation, and everything is going according to schedule according to Bethesda VP of PR and Marketing Pete Hines.

Fallout 4 is going to be big, so players should expect plenty of content. “If we didn’t feel like [there] was enough time to generate the excitement that we expected and the interest that we wanted, then we would have announced it earlier”

What else do we know about Fallout 4? The game was in development as early as Feburary 2012 when Bethesda began hiring programmers during that time. The studio finished Skyrim DLC’s last year and annouced that they would concentrate on a future game which we now know as Fallout 4.

Customization is still expanding. If you haven’t heard before, you’ll be able to completely personalise to the point of being able to generate a baby based on the couple you create in the beginning. As you leave the room, the character you choose will be the character you control for the rest of the game. Player freedom is the primary focus of Fallout 4, so prepare to spend hours upon hours exploring the exciting wasteland.

A dog companion will follow you around early in the game. You can give him commands, as well as ask him to pick things up that you aren’t in a good position to reach. Scrap different materials, and create your own weapons. Glue, use screws, and rebuild as you please.

In fact, the creativity has been running so high lately that someone ingeniously decided to pay Bethesda in real life bottle caps. A fan amassed and sent 2,240 bottle caps to send to Bethesda, and was contacted shortly by Matt Grandstaff that he would be receiving a copy of the game for the novelty of his idea. Don’t get your hopes up though for a repeat with another person, because Bethesda isn’t a recycling factory.

There’s a lot to look forward to, so stay tuned for November 10th.

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