Mad Max Top 5 Insane Characters

Be it the original Mad Max directed by George Miller decades ago or the newly released action packed Fury Road, the movie has always been littered with some of the most insane characters you could ever find in the movie franchise. The reason they say is that the world is in chaos, survival is tough but in reality, these characters would be insane whether it is a normal world or a post-apocalyptic land.

Coma Doof Warrior

If you haven’t noticed this guy yet, you might have probably missed the whole movie. But, it is not easy to recognize him unless someone helps you identify the Coma Doof warrior. The insane guy who actually never fights but simply adds hard rock background music to every stunt is named as the Coma Doof warrior by George Miller. He carries a guitar that emits flames, hands off the speakers with safety belts and gets beaten in the end by Max.


Rictus Erectus

Another important and the best of insanity is brought to the floor by Rictus Erectus. The guy looks exceptionally huge and carries some of the badass guns in the movie. He doesn’t fear death and doesn’t mind throwing himself at his enemy so as to keep his leader Immortan Joe safe at all costs.



Even though, Rictus doesn’t have a major part in the movie, he definitely catches one’s attention in the few scenes that he appears in.


Right from the start, Nux is stupid, insane and is craving for power. He is the one who pits Max into the fight in the first place because his own body is drying up without blood. He attaches Max to the front of his car to make him his blood bag from which the road side warrior escapes to take down Joe towards the end.


While Nux tries to die multiple times, he manages to survive, gains some wisdom and kind of turns human before his untimely death.


Being a lady with some good values, people wouldn’t generally agree that Furiosa is insane. But, from a different perspective, she actually is because it is not easy to go against three different armies at once to save the princesses and kill Joe face to face.


She is insane but definitely has a strong persona and knows how to plan her next moves because of which she manages to survive till the end. Max helps her as well throughout the movie.

Immortan Joe 

The king of them all and the most annoying, terrifying and insane villain, Immortan Joe goes berserk right from the word go. He hardly has any concerns for the people who fight and die for him which makes him more of a villain than anyone else. He doesn’t mind jumping over rocks, driving at the highest possible speed, even risking his own life all the time.



Immortan Joe is tough to pronounce without making a spelling mistake but just to clarify; it is never Immortal but Immortan which is what George Miller wants you to say so!

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