Fast and Furious 8 Releases More Connection and Facts

Whether the world is going to be around or not, the Fast and Furious franchise is not going to die and another part in the series has already been confirmed. The one that got released this summer has earned so much accolade that producers do not want to miss cashing-in on the success that the ride has been enjoying for so many years, with or without Paul Walker.

Here are some of the interesting facts and stuff that you should know about Fast and Furious 8 release.

Rock Could Say Bye to it

It is being rumored that Dwayne Johnson alias Rock could skip this movie because he has received a whole lot of offers after the phenomenal success that San Andreas experienced. If he really loves the script, he might team up with Vin Diesel again but it can be confirmed only when the script is finalized and goes onto the floor.

Dwayne Johnson, AKA the Rock, in Fast & Furious 7.

New York Backdrop

Vin Diesel and even the script writers seem to have a strong liking to make New York the main backdrop for the Fast and Furious 8. However, there are others who would like to change the way the movie is and take it to China instead similar to the movie Tokyo Drift. Wherever it is, a whole lot of buildings are going to come down and cars crash, obviously!

Kurt Russell Plays an Important Role


Vin Diesel spoke about this earlier and confirmed that the appearance of Kurt Russell is going to play an integral role in moving the storyline forward with Fast and Furious 8. The team has already joined as part of the military and helps them complete jobs. So, the next part will probably have them hunting for another villain with whom they may or may not have a score to settle.

Paul Walker Replacement

It is not easy to replace Paul Walker but with the actor’s demise, a huge space now lies open in the script. Vin Diesel and the team may either choose to showcase that he dies in a car accident, makes it into a revenge story or bring one of his brothers to join the team or simply leave it as it is. Trying to replace Paul with another actor might not go well with the audience which is what the producers are discussing at the moment.

Tanks, Planes, Choppers?

There have already been a lot of cars and the franchise is now out for at least fifteen years.So, people could definitely expect a whole lot of stunt sequences in the next part. There will be lot of car chases but rumor claims that more vehicles including tanks and planes could be introduced to make sure the franchise doesn’t grow old. After all, they have already done every possible stunt using cars and a significant change to breathe life back so that they could make another eight parts maybe?


Fast and Furious 8 doesn’t have a confirmed release date so far but rumors claim it will come out by 2017.

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