The Most Mobile App Usage is Facebook, YouTube, and Google

Every statistics confirms that the most frequently and highly used mobile apps are Facebook, YouTube, and Google. They never fail to entertain consumers and have a whole lot of data which keeps pulling them back into the cycle.

Among the top three players in the market, Google is obviously the number one on the list. Almost every day task is based on the search engine, whether you like it or not. Right from searching for new content to finding news and clearing queries can be done using Google which is why people find it convenient to use it on their smartphones. Instead of having to sit on a desktop and manually type in the queries, using voice searching facilities on a smartphone or tablet is much more convenient. It has lured majority of users to rely on the app for their day to day activities.

Why Google tops mobile app usage?

Google has over 1.3 billion users around the globe and the surprising statistics is that almost every one of them is an active user. There are so many apps, website and e-mail service providers, each with their own service. While many of them boast of great service quality and a whole lot of subscribers, not all of them use it every other day. Even, Yahoo, which used to be the solo player in the past,doesn’t have such a strong base but Google does which is why the mobile app usage statistics is so high for the application on Android platforms as well as every other operating system including iOS and Windows Phone.


Another important reason is that, even though it had a rocky start, Android is now the most widely used operating system in the world. It has over a billion users and majority of the smartphone manufacturers prefer the OS as it provides them the freedom they need. Every major manufacturer including Asus, HTC, Samsung, LG among others focus on Android and it uses Google services by default which turns every smartphone owner into a user of the app. It may take years for some other company to overtake this position because they have already created a stranglehold on the market for the next decade or more.

Facebook and YouTube Follows It

Facebook continues to enjoy the second place around the globe even though sometimes it manages to acquire the first position at times in specific regions including U.S., U.K. among others. A lot of modern communication apps have emerged like SnapChat, Kik and Wechat. Each one of them gives a really tough competition for Facebook in the mobile app market. But, because the website has over a billion subscribers on the desktop website and have acquired a strong hold among the user community, they continue to dominate mobile platforms as well.

Compared to Android, the majority of Facebook app users are on iOS while Windows Phone and budget phone users are on the rise. Countries like China, India and Brazil are slowly adopting the app at a rapid pace but as people are still using low end phones, the company has even launched a lite app which lets users experience newsfeed without having to have a quick internet connection. YouTube falls in the third place according to mobile statistics report but it is exceptionally steady and gets a solid stream of visitors every day because the app is the one and only source for video entertainment. The competitors are lagging behind while it has already adopted HTML 5 among other modern day technologies.

Apart from these, some of the fast growing apps are WhatsApp which is already owned by Facebook, Kakao talk among others.

Community The Most Mobile App Usage is Facebook, YouTube, and Google