Canon and Nikon have been consistent contributors in the camera industry.

As both the companies offer camera that fulfill the existing demands of potential users, their respective devices tend to have similar features and pricing. The Canon Rebel T5i and the Nikon D5300 are an example of such offerings that are two of a kind. The two cameras are high in performance and come with a branded tag. However, there are some minor differences that decide which one is the superior model and become the preference of prospective buyers. So let’s find out which SLR camera wins in this comparison.


The Rebel T5i features a CMOS sensor having a maximum resolution of 17.9 MP. It comes with a focus length multiplier of 1.6x and a standard exposure of 12,800 ISO. On the other hand, the Nikon device has a CMOS sensor with 24 MP resolution. This means that the maximum resolution of the D5300 is 35.75% more than its competitor. When it comes to focus length multiple, the Nikon device offers 1.5x crop factor; barely less than the Rebel T5i. Apart from this, the two devices have similar light sensitivity and sensor cleaning functionality.

Winner: Nikon D5300


The availability of interchangeable lenses is a major turn on in both the SLR devices. The users of the Canon as well as the Nikon camera get a huge variety of lens to choose from, for enhancing the clarity and quality of images. To be accurate, the Rebel T5i is compatible with 197 lenses. On the contrary, the Nikon D5300 supports as many as 205 Nikon lenses. Hence, the Nikon device offers an edge over its competitor.

Winner: Nikon D5300


The basic built of the two devices are pretty similar. In terms of dimensions, the Canon T5i measures 133 x 100 x 79 mm, in comparison to Nikon’s 124 x 99 x 76 mm. This means that the Canon device is slightly bigger than its Nikon counterpart. Moreover, the T5i has a depth of 7.9 cm, whereas the D5300 is 0.3 cm lesser than the former. When it comes to the weight, the Rebel camera measures 580Gms. In contrast, the Nikon D5300 hits the scales at 100 g lesser mark. Hence, the users find it more convenient to carry the Nikon camera for hours.

Winner: Nikon D5300

The two cameras come with a price tag of $649. With the users getting an edge by choosing Nikon D5300, the Canon Rebel T5i becomes the second preference of prospective buyers.

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