Just when you felt the need to have an application that can blend every email together, Gmail brought to you a new yet innovative idea, Inbox, of storing all your emails together.

You can now have Yahoo, POP, Exhange, IMAP and everything in one app. The new application has a better look than the regular Gmail and brings astounding features to its users. Let us have a look at what makes the new app, Inbox, better than the original Gmail.

Organized Emails

Inbox helps in organizing your every email in its respective category. You do not have to keep making labels, folders or nests to shift or move the email. Suppose, you receive an email from a travel destination company, Inbox directly sweeps that email to the bundle where all the travel destination emails are stored. Hence, you can have a look at all the emails under this section and deal it with one go. However, Gmail did not provide you with this facility. You had to move every email under the label to get rid of it from the inbox screen.

Snooze and Reminder

In case you have received an email and do not wish to deal with it at present, you can snooze it with a specific time and remove it out of your screen for time being. Moreover, you can even set a reminder for a meeting email that has stepped into your inbox. This facility was not available in the Gmail mailbox. You had to have a separate reminder app to remind of the upcoming business meetings.

Searching for the Right Email

If you are a person who gets email every minute, it becomes very difficult to search for that important one in your mailbox. With Inbox, you can just type in the search button to filter out the bundle that can have the email. Next, you can scroll to get the desired text from your colleague in no time. On the other hand, you may get the same email by searching through the same style in Gmail. However, you may receive no less than 50 emails that consist of the same keywords you punched in.

Take Time to Compromise

People who are a little more organized and do not want to spend hours making labels and emails under their respective titles, go for Inbox. You can have a to-do list here just like any other app does. Inbox works like a personal assistant which can remind you of your meetings and calls when you have a reminder set for it. It also bundles up all the similar emails together.

On the other hand, Gmail is straight and simple. It will work the way you want it to do. The controls are all in your hand. You can see which emails need labelling and which needs to see the trash bin. You can archive any email you want or select them together and store it n the cloud.

With a variety of features and advancements, it depends on you to have it as a personal app. However, you can choose both the apps instead of choosing any one as both Inbox and Gmail serve their purpose of receiving and sending emails constantly.

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