Skype is a not a new name in the PC and mobile communication worlds.

In fact, this is the oldest name as far as internet communication is concerned, and it would be a dishonor to say that there are still some people who haven’t tasted this app, at least once.

There are some people who Skype is part of their lives. They consider staying logged into the app as their primary priority, something equivalent to having their phone or wallet on them now and then. One reason most people love using this app is due to its ease of connecting with friends and relatives from all four corners of the world. Whether this person is in the same location with you or on the opposite end of the world, as long as they have a Skype ID, you can keep in touch without paying anything.

Skype offers affordable calls to non-users

If your friends or relatives do not use Skype, there is little to worry about since the app comes with a premium account that allows calling non-users of the app on their phones or landlines. If you feel making voice calls or sending messages is not enough for you, there is no better app than Skype as it will let you make free video calls to other users of the app. It is even possible to make group video calls with up to 9 people. If you have common friends, you can create a group and add as many people as you want to this group.

Even though Skype has been around for ages, there are probably a good number of features that you may not have used before. The app comes with lots of capabilities, but usually the core features are the ones that are normally highlighted and used by many users for general communication purposes. To make the most out of the latest version of Skype, here are a few tips and tricks you could put to practice and enhance your experience with the app.

Skype tips and tricks for group chats

When holding group chats, there are a number of tips and tricks you can use to get the best out of this application. One feature that has been added to the latest version of Skype is screen sharing. This feature is not just confined to private chats; rather, it can also be applied in group chats. You can show all your photos to your friends in an instance. The option for sharing your screen has retained its place in the latest version where it is found in the + icon.

Protect Skype group chats with a password

Skype group chats have a very interesting feature where users can ensure the confidentiality of the information being shared in the group is very high. It is possible to protect group chats with a password such that no unintended person joins the group.

To do this, you’ll need to make use of a Skype command “/set password (password text)” and type it in the group chat. The “Password text” part is where you will input the password of your choice.

Managing Skype alerts

If you have many active friends on Skype, you will probably be receiving too many alerts on your phone. The good thing is that you can easily manage Skype group alerts by changing the settings under the “Conversation>Notification” when inside the group conversation.

Check the devices you are logged into

There is also a command you can use to check all the devices that your Skype account is logged onto. To get a list of these devices, simply input these words in the chat box: “/showplaces” and that’s it. It is also possible to log out of all other logged in devices apart from the one you are currently using by typing “/remote logout” in the Skype chat box.

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